The Shoemaker

A 1950s story about an Italian American Shoemaker and his Wife.

Before Nike, and Adidas, there was the Hi-Jo!

Here is a Brooklyn tale set back in the day about a young Italian-American shoemaker (Frank) on the verge of greatness. News comes from his cousins in Italy that they have obtained the first automated vulcanizing machinery to produce gym shoes called the Hi-Jo.

All Frank needs is fifty thousand dollars to ship and set up a factory in Brooklyn and the help from the neighborhood, his friends and his family to achieve a dream of a lifetime! Everything seems to be in place until his wife walks into the shoe shop and asks for a divorce!

Cast includes Burt Young, Peter Greene, Kaves, Ava Lee Scott (credited as Alba Albanese), Bree Michael Warner, Joseph D’Onofrio, Vinny Vella and William Heins. Produced by Ava Lee Scott, Kaves & Donna McKleer