The Future of Storytelling

Annabellee, as above so below

Annabellee is a multi-platform story meant to be experienced in different ways at different times. It’s designed to evolve alongside advances in technology so that it can meet participants wherever they are over time, including:

  • •an immersive theatre experience
  • a 22-episode scripted series (season 1)
  • an interactive website
  • an app for VR/AR experiences
  • live experiences through socialVR platform, AltspaceVR

Launch website

Annabellee, the Oracle, is the character who anchors these disparate pieces. The narrative is built around the 22 “Major Arcana” cards in Tarot. Participants begin the story as “The Fool,” and every card grants a new one-on-one live experience with characters in the show, including experiences in hidden chambers in both the real and virtual worlds. Through Annabellee, they journey through the 22 paths of the Tree of Life–and as they do, their “profile” evolves, driving deeper engagement with the story universe.