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“The Most Seductive Theater Scene in New York Right Now, a Visitor’s Guide”

Immersive theater productions—where you might be part of the show—are popping up all over New York City. The best ones take place in the oddest spaces, from an abandoned hospital to an old graveyard ByTony Perrottet

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Home of Enchantments – New Orleans

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The Best of The Overlook Film Festival 2019 | Collinder

Here’s where we get into the immersive programming. I was absolutely floored by Ava Lee Scott’s work in “Home of Enchantments.” It’s a one-on-one experience where Scott plays a character named Belle, a spiritually gifted yet troubled individual who calls upon you to help her through an especially dark, trying situation. It’s an extensive tale that requires a powerhouse performance from Scott that not only hits the beats of the story crafted, but also comes with interactive emotional elements that feel deeply personal. It’s a beautiful mix of making the participant feel vulnerable and on edge while also sending you on…

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What you see cannot be unseen in this world premiere experience from immersive veteran Ava Lee Scott (SLEEP NO MORE) set in the world of her very own supernatural series, where what you see is never what you get. You are called upon to help the spiritually gifted, yet troubled Belle, her memory blurred between the material and spiritual realms. You must help her discover her true path, but are you willing to risk your own? WARNING: Only the strong, spirited souls are allowed.

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The YEAR OF POE, a global collaboration mixing storytelling & emergent technology

What is the Year of Poe initiative?

Ava Lee Scott (co-writer, lead actor, producer), Lance Weiler(co-writer, director, producer) and Nick Fortugno (narrative designer, technical producer) have formed a team in NYC to help model what an immersive adaptation could look like. Together with the Actors Theater of NYC, the Film Society of Lincoln Center and the American Irish Historical Society, the team will be documenting their journey to design and produce an immersive storytelling experience that will premiere later this fall.


Interview with Microsoft

Is there a role for Tech in building communities? As an actor, creator, and artist, Ava Lee Scott has always seen worlds in her head. With technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, she’s been able to depart the old space of storytelling and bring her worlds to life in a new way—and bring people together, too. Her storytelling platform, AltspaceVR, is a safe space for people from all over the world to come together. Here, cultural barriers are broken down and people are free to be who they are and live the life they want to live. Social…


Annabellee featured in 2018 round up of 52 Immersive Things by

“The following is a round up of 52 immersive things from 2018 that mix storytelling, play, design and code…

…A group of working practitioners from around the globe shared the projects that moved them, stood out and were something that shouldn’t be missed.”

-Lance Weiler

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A Mystical Experience in a Hemlock Grove

“It began as VR gameplay with a soothsayer and ended with interactive theater in a remote cabin…”

-Becky Sayers

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