A Mystical Experience in a Hemlock Grove

“It began as VR gameplay with a soothsayer and ended with interactive theater in a remote cabin.

Every moment of The Anabellee Experience was bizarre in all the best ways. Anabellee’s followers assisted me in setting up the VR headset, where I first met Anabellee in digital form to receive my tarot card reading. Next, they made me a bracelet, handed me a card, and told me I’d be contacted later with additional instructions.

Fast forward to me driving up Snoqualmie Pass in search of a rustic cabin, where I met Anabellee in the flesh. Together, we scavenged the woods for the ingredients to my potion, which is keeping me safe from the dark forces to this very day.

The North Bend Film Fest crew truly supplied an “experience” that I won’t forget.”

-Becky Sayers

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