25 Immersive Creators and Companies to Watch in NYC

“Have you ever had your fortune read at the McKittrick Hotel? Chances are that you’ve run into Ava Lee Scott, an actress and artistic director working in film, theater, television and virtual reality, who played a character at Sleep No More for several years. Scott is also the Founder and Artistic Director of Actors Theater of NYC and is the creator of immersive plays such as Tennessee on Hudson (2017) and Serenade (2014–2015).

Scott is currently creating an ambitious multi-platform project called ANNABELLEE, inspired both by Tarot and Edgar Allan Poe. Audience members will be able to experience ANNABELLEE through a variety of ways: an immersive theatre piece, an interactive website, an app for VR/AR experiences, and live experiences through socialVR platform, AltspaceVR. One of the VR components to ANNABELLEE will premiere at the North Bend Film Festival in late August.

Stay tuned for more announcements around ANNABELLEE’s immersive theatre component.”

-Kathryn Yu

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